4 Exotic Pets That You Need in Your Life

4 Exotic Pets That You Need in Your Life

We all have seen the typical pets, including dogs, cats, and fish, but what kind of pets are there for those looking for something more exciting? Here we’re going to provide you with a brief list of some of the top exotic pets that you can have to bring some excitement to your life.

Some of the pets on our list are going to be a tad bit taboo, but they’re sure to be conversation starters whenever someone comes to your house. Continue reading to find out about these must-have pets.

1. Hissing Cockroach

We know what you’re thinking when you see a cockroach, and that’s to squash it. But, tons of people have the Madagascar hissing cockroach as a household pet and even walk them on leashes.

If you’re wondering whether these cockroaches actually hiss, the answer is yes. This might be disturbing if you’re trying to go to sleep, so we’d recommend keeping the cage somewhere that’s not your bedroom. 

2. Python

Pythons may not be the first pet that comes to your mind when you’re thinking of the pets that you’d like to have. But, these beautiful and strong animals can grow up to more than 17 feet, and this can be intimidating, especially when they’re hungry.

That’s why you’re going to need some frozen white mice to feed them during mealtime. Ensure that you’ve got the right amount of space for your python, and it may be best if the python is your only pet. The last thing you want to happen is for another of your animals to go missing.

We blame the python, but it’s definitely a high end pet.

3. Finger Monkeys

These darling monkeys are so small that they fit around your finger. In recent years having these monkeys as pets have become increasingly popular. The finger monkey isn’t the only name that the money has. In fact, it has quite a few names, including:

  • Pocket monkey
  • Dwarf Money

There are a couple more, but you get the point each name has to do with the small monkey. These monkeys are tiny, but they have a ton of energy to offer.

4. Foxes

Depending on where you live, you can own a fox as a pet. That’s a crazy idea, right, but many people have chosen to raise foxes as if they were another household pet, including dogs or cats.

However, before you decide to own a fox, we recommend checking what the guidelines are for your area when it comes to owning exotic pets.

Exotic Pets: Owners Guide Options

When you own exotic pets, you automatically become the owner that people want to be. Whether you own a finger monkey or have taught your pet fox a couple of new tricks, you’re never going to have a dull moment when it comes to spending time with your pet.

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