4 Care Tips for Helping Your Wig Last Longer

4 Care Tips for Helping Your Wig Last Longer

You’ve finally found the perfect wig. But what if you only wear it once or twice before it begins to look ratty or fly away on an updraft? We know this feeling, and we also know our way around a good wig. Read on for some tips to reduce the number of times you go shopping for wigs and prevent those purchases from going to waste.

1. Use Unique Hair Products Made for Wigs

The experts say you can use treatments on your wigs, such as human-hair gel, hair oil, hair spray, and styling products. However, some of these products are made for human hair and do not work well on synthetic wigs. Instead, we recommend using unique wigs-specific treatments designed for synthetic wigs. You must spray your hair with the product to prevent it from falling out or tangling, and then use the wig as you usually would.

2. Avoid Washing Your Wig Too Often

It’s a good idea to wash your wig after you have worn it for a long time or have had a day at an amusement park. However, don’t wash it more than once every few months. We suggest using wig shampoo instead of regular shampoo, which is made specifically for synthetic hair. Wash your wig gently in the shower with shampoo. Use a soft cloth to remove the dirt, but never scrub it harshly or rub it too hard. Rinse the hair thoroughly and squeeze away any extra water with another fabric. Please set it to dry on a towel and avoid shaking, walking, or bending over while drying.

3. Use a Wig Protector to Help the Hair Last Longer

Just like the human hair on your head, the synthetic hair in a wig is vulnerable to damage. Using a wig protector will extend your wig’s life by protecting it from friction, sweat, and heat. Use a clear or black sheet of plastic or vinyl to cover your hair from the top down when you sleep at night. The sheet is also suitable for keeping your hairstyle in place if you don’t have time to re-style it in the morning. Also, use a wig protector when storing your wig to keep it from getting damaged.

4. Store Your Wig on a Wig Stand

Bending over, sitting, or leaning on your wig in the store can cause the hair to fall out. We recommend using a wig stand – the perfect accessory that sits at an angle and keeps your wig from falling while you wear it. This will prevent accidental spills and other mishaps that ruin your new hairpiece. As an added benefit, most wig stands will act as a security chain to keep unwanted hands out of your new look.

In summary, if you want your wig to last, use it with care, and protect it. Do not fold a wig and stand on it as some people may do at home, and this will also cause the hair to fall out easily.