3 Technology Driven Marketing Techniques Your Company Should be Using

A robust marketing plan is something that any company, of any size, and in any industry can and should benefit from. It’s how you build brand image and reputation, secure new customers and clients, get company messaging out there, and truly build the business into something successful. While there hasn’t been a question of whether or not marketing is useful, what has become more of a topic is what kind of marketing techniques are the most beneficial, and which ones offer the best return on your investment. The simple answer to both of these questions is technology-driven marketing techniques.

Technology is truly the driving factor behind so many industries today, whether it is used in just a small amount or it is the backbone of the business. Here we’ll take a look at three technology-driven marketing techniques that your company should be using in 2020.

Corporate Videos

Because people expect information to be delivered to them in the fastest, most effective, and engaging way possible, it’s necessary for companies to use a variety of media streams. One that you will want to look at including in your marketing campaign is a professional video production of a corporate video. 

Corporate videos are a great way to launch new products and services, it can help to broaden the reach of the company and marketing for franchises, and they have the ability to be extremely effective from a communication and understanding standpoint.

Of course, the key to success with a corporate video is to make sure it’s filmed and produced in a professional manner, not just on your phone and then shown to your audience. You will also want to find a local company so they will have knowledge of the best places to film, have all the right contacts, and experience. For example, if your business is located in Boston, you’ll specifically want to look for production companies in Boston.

Social Networks and Media

Another technology-driven avenue that businesses should be taking advantage of is social networks and media. This provides businesses with a unique way to get their message out there and engage with people in real-time. It provides that human connection that so many other types of marketing are lacking. 

As for which social networks are the best ones to be active on as a business owner, they would include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. From there, you can expand your reach and look into other platforms. You can also utilize a social media management tool like Circle Boom.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Then there are the email marketing campaigns that allow businesses to really target their message. Not only that but this can be set up as an automated process, which means very little resources are needed to use this technique. It can really deliver in terms of return on investment.

Being Proactive in Your Marketing Efforts

Each of these technology-driven marketing techniques can help your business to grow and become more successful in 2020. It shouldn’t be a matter of which one to pick, rather how you go about using all three in an effective manner.

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