3 Reasons You Should Take Better Care of Your Beard

Bearded men often are portrayed as more masculine. They seem tougher and more rugged. The stereotype with men who wear beards is that they’re more mature. These stereotypes may not be entirely true but there is something different about a man who sports a beard. 

What many people don’t know is that growing facial hair may actually have real health benefits. Those little follicles of hair on a man’s face can attribute to a few bonus advantages including protection, warmth, and overall attraction. 

  1. Protection

A well-groomed beard can be very protective on the average man’s face. Whether your beard is short and stubbly, long and shaggy, or tight fitting on your jaw, your beard can protect you from the various dangerous viruses in the air, and harmful bacteria you come in contact with every day. With a barrier of hair across your cheeks, chin, and face, you can deflect any wind exposure and skin-related infections or other kinds of epidermic issues. 

Beards can also protect you from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Sun damage can be reduced dramatically, depending on the thickness and density of your beard. Hair is naturally reflective, so it redirects the sun’s rays away from the face. Though there may be some light scattering of rays, generally a beard can help protect you from such harmful elements. 

  1. Warmth

The nice thing about beards is that they tend to grow faster than any other hair on the body. Although its rapid growth may be hard to maintain or trim, the exuberance of hair can that grow on your lips, cheeks, chin, and even ears can provide a blanket of warmth. The fuller and longer the beard, the more warmth it can radiate to your neck and face. The insulation of all that hair will help during long winters and cold temperatures. This is the precise reason that most men grow a beard from September to May. They are just fulfilling a basic need for warmth. 

  1. Attraction

The style of beard that you grow has a direct relation to how people perceive you. If you let your beard grow long and scraggly, most people will attribute your looks as messy or unattractive. They may inadvertently think that you are lazy or careless. Yet, if you maintain your beard with precision and cleanliness, you will no doubt be perceived as neat, clean, and orderly. The attraction is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder has definite ideas as to what works and what doesn’t. This can work to your benefit or against it. 

With a full beard or a beard that is shaped and functional, most men feel more attractive. They are also perceived as better fathers and husbands because they look as if they can protect their families better. Men with fuller beards have a very powerful appearance. And if that beard is kept well and is healthy, a man can be extremely handsome and attractive. 

This can be carried over to other parts of life as well. If you feel more attractive and confident, then others will identify with this and respond to you with positive emotions and actions. The assurance can then trickle into your employment, your extra-curricular activities, and your day-to-day routine. 

Take Care of Your Beard

Sporting a beard can lead to many good things in your life. So, might as well take care of it.

  • Style

Choose the right style. Browse through pictures of various kinds of beards and how they look on the man wearing them. Look for facial characteristics that match your own for the best comparison. 

  • Care

Once you have chosen your style, start trimming it to fit your face comfortably. Make sure to use a good beard balm or moisturizer every day to keep it soft. No one likes a bristly beard. It can itch and cause facial acne. If needed, use a beard straightener for even more control and precision. Wash your beard as often as you can, and use lotion to help condition it. With all the natural beard products on the market, you can easily maintain your beard and keep it looking healthy and clean every day. 

  • Support Growth

Also, make sure to eat right and get the proper amount of sleep. Men who don’t sleep very well have a much more difficult time trying to grow a beard. Eating a nutritious diet can help nourish your hair follicles, and eventually support natural facial hair growth. All of these aspects can only enhance the healthiness of your beard. 


The beard is actually a good source of health benefits especially for those who love to sport them. Not only do you look good when you wear a beard, you also get to enjoy all the other advantages as well, such as protection from the sun or a new style or appearance.  

Help your beard to grow healthy and strong to achieve the most benefits from it. Not only will you look better with your beard all trimmed and clean, but you will also feel more confidant and attractive in the long run. 

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