3 Life Lessons Learned From Golf

Most parents want their child to find an extracurricular activity they enjoy doing that keeps them busy, helps them make friends and ultimately aids them in growing into the best versions of themselves. While most childhood involvement in sports and activities doesn’t lead to them becoming the next Tiger Woods or Lebron James, being involved still matters. Enrolling your child in golf lessons at Bird Golf in Florida will have benefits that go well beyond the green. Here are three life lessons golf teaches those who play. 

1. Safety

Golf can be dangerous. The clubs used could easily hurt someone else or the person using it if they aren’t careful. The same can be said for golf carts. It’s a moving vehicle, so safe driving is key to ensuring everyone enjoys the golfing excursion without any unnecessary injuries. One of the first lessons taught in golf is to always swing away from someone and not towards them. This simple lesson encourages children to maintain distance and practice safe habits that can transfer to other everyday activities. 

2. Time Management

You never want to be the person who everyone knows will arrive 10 to 15 minutes late to everything. It diminishes your credibility and punctuality as an employee or boss. However, golf instills in its players a sense of urgency when looking at time. Anyone who arrives late to tee time is automatically disqualified, no questions asked. Your child will learn a vital skill early on that could be a deciding factor in career success when they’re older. 

3. Quiet

A child’s personality and larger-than-life laugh can light up a room, and their energy is contagious. While these are great traits, children also have to learn when to be more respectful and calm in certain situations. Golf requires a lot of concentration from each player, so golfers learn how being silent shows respect and courtesy.

The world is full of activities, resources and engagements your kids can be a part of. Whatever outlet makes them happy and keeps them occupied is a great way for kids to spend their time and develop their skills. It helps them find something they’re passionate about that may transfer into shaping their career goals and dreams. However, if the activity can also benefit their character development, provide them with valuable like skills and shape their personality, then signing them up for more lessons makes even more sense for a parent. 

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