3 Critical Positions at Your New Business

If you’re starting a business, you probably don’t have enough money to hire many employees. Instead, you and two or three other people plan to get your company started and hire more people once you’ve made a decent amount of money and gained a reliable market. While this is a good strategy that protects your investment and increases your early profits, don’t forget to leave room in your budget for the following tasks.

Content Development

Most entrepreneurs do not feel comfortable running their own search engine optimization campaigns. If you feel this way, do not delay your content production until you have enough funding to hire a fulltime content writer. Instead, contact an SEO reseller to create content that will drive online users to your website.

Customer Service Management

You and your first employees may be able to handle the demands of customer service, but do not neglect this area of your company so that you can focus on production or marketing. If customers feel that their needs are not being met, they do not hesitate to give competitors their business instead. Keep someone near the phones at all times, check your customer service email regularly and respond to complaints promptly and fairly. 

Human Resources Monitoring

A human resources department monitors its company’s workplace environment and responds to claims of discrimination, harassment or other forms of unfair treatment. Until you have more than ten employees, you probably do not need a dedicated human resources team. However, you do need to develop a process for filing and responding to complaints. You also need to designate someone else to handle complaints so that employees feel comfortable reporting problems at any level of your company. 

As you try to cut costs, don’t forget to make provisions for these three essential roles to set your company up for longterm success.

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