2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki

2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 2

Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki has revealed the newest addition to its portfolio, namely the 2017 Ninja ZX-12RR. As we all know, bikes have evolved quite a bit over the years, and it certainly looks like the new Ninja represents the pinnacle of Japanese engineering and design. The bike features a single seat, and it is powered by a 998cc four-cylinder engine that goes perfectly with the overall dark design.

2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 1 2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 2 2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 3

To be more specific, this powerhouse was put together using reinforced engine cases, which allows it to perform admirably during races. Other important details include a freshly modified cylinder heat, carbon coated tappets, a reinforced crankcase and Kawasaki’s Quick Shifter tech, which allows the rider to upshift and downshift without a clutch. The wheels are a pair of Marchesinis made out of forged aluminum, while the race-ready exhaust system was put together using titanium.

2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 4 2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 5 2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 6 2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 7 2017 Ninja ZX-12RR By Kawasaki 8

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