Day: July 20, 2015

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Breathtaking Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Shanghai

Waldorf Astoria is perhaps the most incredible hotel in Shanghai, and we’re not basing this statement solely on its luxuriousness but also on its outstanding location. You see, Waldorf Astoria is located on the Bund – a renowned waterfront that’s appreciated as one of the most recognizable symbols of Shanghai. Blending timeless classic elegance with […]

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Bentley B06 S Timepiece by Breitling

Representing a smaller version of the original Bentley B06 timepiece, the Breitling Bentley B06 S features a 44mm case as well as a 30-second chronograph system. This brand new version of the watch comes with a knurled pattern on its bezel, which reminds a bit of the eye-catching radiator grills that make us turn our […]

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Beolit 15 Portable Speaker By Bang & Olufsen (9)
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Beolit 15 Portable Speaker By Bang & Olufsen

Beolit 15 is a high quality portable speaker created by the famed Danish company Bang & Olufsen. It was designed by Cecilie Manz and incorporates a modern, minimalistic design as well as superior materials. With a body made out of sturdy polymer attached to a full grain leather strap, this product is very comfortable to […]

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