Day: May 28, 2012

Cheeky Tiger Superyacht (2)
Life style Luxury

Recently Refitted Cheeky Tiger Superyacht

Planning a luxury trip on the French Riviera? Then you should consider chartering the recently refitted Cheeky Tiger superyacht. For rates that start at €60,000 ($76,500)per week, this lovely vessel will take you and seven other guests on a memorable journey of fun and relaxation. Built in 2005 by Arno, the yacht has recently received […]

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News & Trends

World’s First Deep Sea Bar by Jump Studio for Guinness

Next time you feel like going out with your friends to have a good beer, consider going underwater! We’re talking about the world’s first and only deep-sea bar, custom built inside a 118 square-foot submarine, and flaunting an out-of-this-world interior design, inspired by the magical underwater world of unique colors and textures. This project was […]

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Hollywood Hills by Al V. Corbi (1)
Luxe Travel

Perfectly Safe Residence in Hollywood Hills by Al V. Corbi

If you feel that a lavish home is not good enough if it isn’t also super safe, then you will probably love this 11,000-square-foot residence in the exclusive Hollywood Hills Sunset Plaza community. Designed and built by Al V. Corbi, the founder of security company SAFE (Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments), this outstanding  five-story mansion […]

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The Extravagant Rampazzi Crystal Dining Collection (10)
House Improvement

The Extravagant Rampazzi Crystal Dining Collection

If a little opulence doesn’t intimidate you, then you might want to consider making room for the Rampazzi Crystal Dining Collection in your elegant dining room. This dazzling set was originally commissioned by Michael Jackson himself, but today you can have it for yourself, if spending lavishly matches your style. Only the finest and most […]

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