1953 Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia Berlinetta on Sale at Kidston

Have you ever dreamed about your own personal 1953 Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia Berlinetta? Now is your chance to buy it from Kidston-Geneva for only $4.3 million. This Ferrari model is very rare. There are only seventeen cars of this type in the world. With coachwork made by Pinin Farina, this car has a long history in racing events. Pierre Noblet, a well-known French gentleman driver, chose this 250 MM Berlinetta to be his first racing car from Ferrari. It was the predecessor of the 250 Tour de France, 250 SWB and 250 GTO models also owned by Noblet. It also belonged to Giulio Dubbini, Peter von Mural and Jean-Pierre Slavic, famous car collectors.

This 250 Mille Berlinetta stands in good shape, provided that the engine has been rebuilt and the suspension, brakes, clutch and gearbox are properly working. It has been repainted by Pietro Cremonini and it is fully certified by Ferrari Classiche. This is exactly the type of motorcar sought by worldwide event organizers and a potential highlight of any connoisseur’s collection. The successful purchaser will need no other car as this is the very best available.

1953 Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia Berlinetta on Sale at Kidston 

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