18k Gold Whiskey Balls By Balls Of Steel

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice cold glass of whiskey on the rocks, especially if you prefer your spirits to be weaker, but a proper drink is served without any water in it, we all know that. Fortunately, you can still savor your favorite drink ice cold without having to water it down thanks to Ball of Steel and its 18K Gold Edition whiskey balls.

These chillingly luxurious balls are a part of the brand’s “Executive Set”, and aside from their obvious drink cooling capabilities, they also have the potential to save lives. Limited to just 25 units, these sets will help fund testicular cancer research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University Of Texas, since Balls of Steel pledged to donate 80% of the proceeds earned from their sales.

The sets will be created entirely by hand and will come in gorgeous Alder Wood Boxes from Fort Collins, Colorado. The balls themselves each boast their own individual numbers for originality and exclusivity purposes. Cheers?





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