11 Tips to Make the Most Money From Selling Your House

11 Tips to Make the Most Money From Selling Your House

These days, many investors are looking toward the real estate market. Since the turn of the pandemic, the housing market has shifted dramatically for both buyers and sellers.

Given the high demand in housing but a low supply, sellers are making greater profits than they would ever have anticipated last year. Some houses are selling for far higher than their official value.

If you’re interested in putting your house up for sale, here are eleven tips to generate the most return possible.

1. Work With a Licensed Real Estate Agent

You might assume it’s better to sell your house independently. If you want to make the most money possible, though, you should think again. A licensed real estate agent will understand the market far better than you. He or she will be able to get you the best deal on closing costs and the highest possible sale.

2. Get Yourself Licensed as a Real Estate Agent

The other option to consider is getting licensed yourself. What if you’d like to start flipping houses or are considering real estate as an investment endeavor. This could be great for your future financial plans. Since there are real estate courses online, you can get certified to work in your state for an affordable upfront cost.

3. Make Repairs

What about the house itself? Before putting your home on the market, take a look at every part of the structure that would undergo inspection. This would include the roof, windows, gutters, and siding. Every facet that might need repair will reduce the value of your home. Make some repairs and you’ll see a better return.

4. Consider Renovating Your House

Even modest renovations to your house such as newer appliances or countertops in the kitchen could significantly increase the value of your home.

5. Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

People love the latest technologies and are more willing to purchase a house if it can save them money on their monthly utilities. Smart homes may include energy-efficient windows or electric thermostats.

6. Take Professional Home Photos

The better the quality of the photos that appear on your house listing, the more leads you’ll have to sell. Professional photos stand out from the crowd and will give buyers a reason to believe the house is worth the asking price, if not more.

7. Declutter and Keep It Clean

Your house needs to be spotless for viewers if you’re going to put it on sale. This means you’ll need to remove furniture or even think about hiring someone to do a deep clean on the carpets.

8. Remove Personalized Items

Prospective buyers have to be able to envision themselves in the space. If it’s filled with personal items like photographs or children’s artwork on the fridge, visitors will be less inclined and able to see themselves living there because someone else visibly is.

9. Staging Sells Homes

Some prospective buyers have a hard time using their imagination. If possible, hire someone to stage your house. It is an initial investment, but staging a home has been shown to obtain sellers more offers and money for their property.

10. Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Homeowners are in charge of their landscape. If a potential buyer comes to the house for viewing and sees an unkempt lawn, their first impression even before entering the structure is that they’ll have to put in some work after they’ve purchased it. Lay a fresh coat of paint on the house and front door. Plant a few extra flowers in the front. And don’t forget to mow the lawn.

11. Sell at the Right Price

Just because the housing market is performing well for sellers right now, that doesn’t mean you should set your list price too high. It’s vital to know as much as you can about your particular market. See what the nearby homes are selling for and try not to go too high above the value of yours.


If you want to make the most money possible when selling your house, we recommend working with a professional. He or she will be able to guide you toward the best ways to invest your money in repairs and smart upgrades, and get you set up with all the necessary online listings you need.

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