11 of the Best Office Supplies You Need for Your Work Space

For employees to work at their highest performance, they must feel comfortable and calm in the office. 

The best way to feel calm at work is by being in control of your work and staying organized.

If you want to feel good while working at your desk, there are several items that you should have. 

Continue reading to discover the best office supplies to have, so that you can impress the boss! 

1. Phone Stand

How many times have you been at your desk waiting for a call and still managed to miss it?

Having a phone stand at your desk can help make communication easier and prevent you from missing important calls. Many people also miss text message alerts from clients when they aren’t paying attention. 

A phone stand is a perfect solution for when you want to monitor your phone while still focusing on work. 

2. Whiteboard

A whiteboard is the perfect office supply that your desk is missing.

Dry-erase boards can be used for brainstorming new ideas. Keeping track of appointments and leaving yourself notes will be easy. Whiteboards are also perfect if you work in an eco-friendly office. They reduce paper waste and can be used for years! 

A secret tip for whiteboards: when you accidentally use permanent marker on them, simply write over it with the dry erase markers and erase! You can also use rubbing alcohol to get permanent ink off as well. 

3. Lumbar Pillow

Sitting at your desk all day may not sound exhausting, but it can be for both your body and mind.

Getting a lumbar pillow to put behind your back can help improve your posture and keep you more comfortable while you are stuck at the desk all day. Lumbar pillows will make sitting at your desk a comfortable experience that you won’t want to walk away from.

Think of how much more work you can do when you aren’t stretching and getting up from your chair!? 

4. Letter Holder

Chances are, you get mail in your email inbox, at home, and work.

Having a letter holder on your desk can help keep you organized and give a designated place for mail when it is passed out. You can use a letter holder to keep items from taking up too much space and when you want to tackle the mail, it’s already all together!

5. Humidifier

Sitting at your desk all day in a stuffy office isn’t the most motivating environment.

Having a humidifier at your desk can help keep the air moist so that you can work in comfort and not feel stuffy. If you want to benefit, even more, adding essential oils to your humidifier can help you relax and focus. 

Having a Scentsy is an excellent alternative to essential oils, and fits in well with having a humidifier because if you’re going to be improving air quality, why not make it so you’re the best smelling cubicle on the floor? This goes a long way to improving overall mood and productivity.

6. Mini Vacuum

One of the best office supplies that you need is a mini vacuum.

A portable vacuum that can run on batteries is perfect for the desk and any mess. You can pick up eraser shavings while you draft an idea or clean out your drawers and keyboard. 

This tool will come in handy on more than one occasion and leave your desk clean and ready for work. 

7. Resting Pad

Working on a computer all day may not seem hard on the body, but over time, many people that work on a computer regularly develop carpal tunnel syndrome. 

A resting pad for your arms can help prevent carpal tunnel and help relieve symptoms of discomfort. You can either get a resting pad for both wrists or have one on your mousepad. 

8. Sticky Notes

One of the best office supplies that you can have at your desk is sticky notes.

Sticky notes are perfect for jotting down reminders, keeping information together, and organizing. If you want to customize your papers, these post it notes can be made to your liking.

With sticky notes at your desk, there won’t be anything that you overlook. 

9. Stress Ball

Sometimes work can become overwhelming and you need an outlet for your stress.

Having a stress ball at your desk is the perfect solution when you are stuck on a project. You can get nearly any type of design for stress balls and they are fun to play with even while you are relaxed. 

Another advantage of having a stress ball at work is that it exercises the hands and fingers, making typing easier! 

10. Adapter Cable Cords

Technology has a lot of advantages and helps make work go smoothly. The downside of technology, however, is keeping track of all of your cords.

Adapter cables are perfect to have at the desk because they take up little space and prepare you for any task. You won’t have to worry about grabbing multiple cords to charge your devices, these devices have all the changer cords in one! 

Most cable cords have a USB cord for A, B, and C, iPhone, iPad charger, and mini USB. 

11. Heavy Weighted Pen

Disposable pens come in handy for most jobs, but sometimes you will want to sign with a heavy weighted pen.

These pens are of the highest quality and can make signing your name feel like you are giving an autograph. You can also use these nicer pens for when you are signing a contract with a client or at an important business meeting. 

Impress With the Best Office Supplies

If you are wanting to impress your boss with organization skills and efficiency, getting the best office supplies is a must. 

There is more to an office desk than just a computer, stapler, and paper clips. Employees work better when they are calm and comfortable. With the items mentioned above, you can create your desk to be a place you never want to leave. 

You can also use a whiteboard to keep track of your projects and envelope holders to stay organized and neat. 

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