100th Anniversary Limited Edition Four Roses Bourbon

Four Roses’ distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky has recently become 100 years old. So in order to celebrate this, Kirin Brewery Company of Japan, the owner of the Four Roses brand, presents to us something truly unique: uncommonly old  single-barrel and barrel-strength bourbons.

One might expect the at-least-17-years-old  whiskey to have a rather woody flavor, but a single sip of this bourbon will be enough to prove its undisputable quality. Spiced oranges, warm caramel and cloves are the notes you’ll feel enchanting your senses and we can guarantee it will be love at first…sip.

There aren’t many bottles available, even though the total number seems high. About 2,300 units of the 100th Anniversary Limited Edition is not much at all. Then you should also consider the fact that the price is really reasonable, and this means many will rush to buy at least one bottle. For $75 to $100 they will probably sell like hotcakes.

100th Anniversary Limited Edition Four Roses Bourbon

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