1001 Nights House: Beyond Imagination

A-cero picked the perfect name for this amazing residence. The 1001 Nights House is a 22,600 square foot modern concrete house, built in Madrid, Spain.

Believe it or not, this massive residence was built for a single family and according to the owners’ requirements.

From the outside, the house resembles a fortress hidden by many curved walls, which seem to rise from the water sheets which cover a white, black and grey stone bottom, integrating it in the surroundings. When it’s dark outside lights and colors playfully dance on these curved walls. To access the main entrance one walks across the development walkway, confined on both sides by water sheets.

The massive black glass door opens into a garden full of palm and pomegranate trees and Middle East vegetation, creating the illusion of a fairytale world. Besides the beautiful garden, the backside of the house also features a pool and a porch. Almost all rooms offer views of the garden and the lakes from the surrounding area.

The big windows, with hidden woodwork, allow the natural light to invade the inside space, while the 10 meter window in the main living room connects the outdoors with the indoors. The white marble of the passable area and the blue granite of the pool, match perfectly with the ‘Negro Villar granite’ of the outside walls, creating a beautiful layout.  This is a house which impresses with its groundbreaking design, leaving anyone breathless.

[Source RareDelights Magazine]

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