10 Womens Shorts Trends You Can Try Right Now

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2020 and 2021 have been interesting years in fashion. With a global pandemic, lockdowns, quarantines, and economic instability, millions have undergone substantial lifestyle shifts that altered their fashion choices. 

Loungewear and comfort became paramount. Masks became part of our daily wardrobes.

As lockdowns are lifted and life begins to assume a new normal, many women continue to embrace the trends of comfort, practicality, and simplicity as they evaluate their wardrobes for the new season. 

Many women want their style to not only look great and express their personality, but also to  be comfortable while being fit and active. It therefore comes as no surprise that millions of women are embracing shorts as a central part of their new wardrobe.

Shorts are fun, comfortable, easy to wear, and athletic. They can be dressed up or down, or worn as part of the growing trend of “athleisure” outfits.

However, when looking for a perfect pair of shorts for every occasion, many women don’t know where to start. 

Let’s explore 10 different womens shorts that will fit perfectly with an active, healthy lifestyle, while still making you feel beautiful, sophisticated, and ready for anything.

Lounge Shorts

If you’re working from home or spending a restful day indoors, lounge shorts are the perfect fashion choice. Just because they’re loose and comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t look fantastic wearing them. 

Pairing them with a comfy cropped tee is often a great bet. If you’re working hard, make sure to clock out at the end of your work day to rest and recuperate comfortably without even needing to change clothes. When you’re working from home, smooth transitions from work to rest are key!

Lounge shorts come in a variety of fun colors, patterns, and cuts. They’ll keep you relaxed and comfortable whether you’re working or lounging. 

Tailored Shorts

Tailored shorts are a great way to dress up shorts while still enjoying comfort and flexibility. 

Many tailored shorts invoke a distinguished, Oxford sensibility.  They’re the perfect choice for daytime outings and casual office wear for some professions.

Tailored shorts come in a variety of cuts, from pleated shorts to the high-waisted trouser giving you plenty of options. Make sure to pair them with a top that is equally sophisticated.  Button down or well-tailored shirts are good choices, whether tucked in or not .

Retro Recreational Shorts

Shorts are the perfect item to bring back the funky, lively colors and patterns of the 60s, if that’s your sort of thing. 

Retro recreational shorts are the perfect middle ground between lounge shorts and sports wear. 

They’re the perfect choice for hanging out with friends in the park or going on a light hike.

Many retro rec shorts are on the baggy side, making them a great choice if you like more space to maneuver

Bike Shorts

Who says bike shorts are only for biking? Bike shorts were out of style for quite some time but are now undergoing a bit of a renaissance.

Many women love wearing bike shorts for their ergonomic and padded design, particularly if they’re planning to embark on their next cycling adventure.

These days, bike shorts can be found in many fun colors and designs. Even brands like Rag and Bone are designing bike shorts but with attitude.

High-Waisted Shorts

Love them or hate them, high-waisted shorts are one of the most popular trends in women’s shorts today.

They offer a flattering cut that is best worn pulled above the waist to highlight your legs and figure. 

You can find them in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. 

Athletic Shorts

If you’re going to go jogging, chances are you’ll be donning a pair of shorts, if weather permits.

Athletic shorts or running shorts are the perfect choice if your goal is to be active and sportive.

Some athletic shorts feature sweat-wicking material that will keep you comfortable even while breaking a sweat. Many modern women feel more comfortable wearing shorts when they play sports.

Just because you’re jogging or playing sports doesn’t mean you can’t look great doing it, so choose a running short that suits your individual fashion sense. 

The Statement Short 

If you love shorts so much that you want to make them the statement piece of your whole outfit, don’t worry, you have options.

Many world-famous designers and brands have started to focus on designing shorts that truly make a statement by featuring bright colors and flashy patterns.

A pair of shorts with a bright color could be the perfect way to dazzle friends and family, without having to try too hard.

Short Shorts

If you want to show off your summer body, feel comfortable, and look sexy, a pair of short shorts could be the way to go.

Short shorts come in all sorts of colors and cuts.  They are definitely a perennial favorite. 

Choose a color and cut that fits your body type and complexion and don’t be surprised if you turn some heads. Dress them up with a fitted top, or they can look great with an oversized shirt or tank.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have experienced a bit of a comeback of late, as many women chose to reinvent them and how they’re worn.

Denim shorts forecast that effortlessly easy, casual and beautiful appeal so many women are looking for, while still being comfortable and manageable.

High-waisted denim shorts are seen more often these past few years, offering a new take on this classic look.

Plisse Pleats

Plisse (aka crinkle crepe) pleated shorts are a perfect option if you’re looking for something original, European, and sleek. 

In case your French is rusty, plisse refers to a lightweight fabric with a crinkled, puckered appearance. 

It’s the perfect balance of casual and chic that lends itself to a fantastic urban short perfect for when you’re on the run or hanging out with friends.

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