10 Luxury Design Ideas Millionaires are Using in Their Bedrooms

When you’re living a life of luxury, a lot of thought goes into designing your house. In most areas of your home, decadence and style can take priority, but when it comes to the bedroom, comfort becomes king! For most people with a little extra cash to spare, comfort and style can go hand in hand, which is why many millionaires are redesigning their bedrooms for a more homey feel –with a touch of class, of course. And with interior design following the latest industry trends, these are the 10 design ideas we’ve seen pop up time and again in luxury mansions. 

  1. Opting for the lighter hues. Nothing makes a bedroom feel more inviting than softer colors. Lighter shades of paint, like faded white, blush, or pastel blues and greens help brighten a room while still keeping it cozy. As millionaires can have such a full itinerary, letting their bedroom be a peaceful retreat is an absolute must, which is why we’ve seen these lighter aesthetics popping up all across the country!
  1. Eye-catching wallpapers. Lighter colors may be growing in popularity but there are some wealthier homeowners that can’t resist making their bedroom pop a little bit more. These style-conscious tycoons care more about the latest cool and trendy wallpapers than they do about tranquility. With all the varieties on display, it’s not surprising that these are the types of people who love to show off their homes. 
  1. Going for Wood over Carpet. While luxury carpets have seen a little bit of a resurgence over the past few years, they’re still not half as popular as a well-set hardwood floor. Nothing helps give a bedroom a little more class than a rich, exposed hardwood floor. Sure, it doesn’t hold heat the same way that a carpet would, but that’s why so many wealthy patrons opt for underfloor heating, too. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! 
  1. Natural lighting that accentuates everything. Perhaps the most popular trend of the 21st century, luxury homeowners everywhere are swapping out smaller windows for something with a larger view. Anything that gives a greater chance at bringing in natural light and letting the house feel more open has caught on like wildfire. The natural glow that saturates the house around sunset doesn’t hurt, either.
  1. Maxing out the comfort of the bed! Having thin and rigid bedding has never been in style, but we’ve seen some homes take it to the other extreme. Between a luxury duvet cover set and the plushest pillows you’ll ever feel, richer homeowners have been ensuring that their bed is the most inviting spot in the house. There are plenty of mattresses and bedframe companies out there that boast about providing the best night’s sleep, but ultimately, most people just pick the bed that feels most comfortable to them, and millionaires are no different.  If you want to create a sleeping experience similar to what you’ll get in the top hotels in the world, find a pillow-top mattress that feels like sleeping on a cloud.
  1. Picking the right scent diffusers. This is a far more recent trend that has occurred in the past few years. Not only do luxury homeowners love a good-looking house, they love a good smelling house. Subtlety is key, but so is selecting a scent that matches the vibe of the room itself. For bedrooms a more serene scent like lavender or eucalyptus seems to be the favorites. 
  1. Doubling down on decorations. Whether it’s outdoor paintings, portraits, photos, or other wall decals, there is a huge variety of wall decorations that are found in a luxury home bedroom. It’s hard to nail down anything specific, but the important part is having something unique without being kitsch. If you’re trying to decorate like a millionaire, be festive, but avoid clichés. 

  1. Accentuating furniture. The bed may be the most important spot in a bedroom, but that doesn’t stop luxury homeowners from having all sorts of other appealing additions to the room. Customized bedside tables and clocks are coming into style, as are giant mirrors and minimalist wardrobes. Don’t forget the tv, too! Most houses now have a tv at the foot of the bed, even potentially rising out of the bedframe! Even in the houses that are a little less lavish, most have some sort of loveseat or comfortable chair for when the family just wants to retreat to their bedroom for some privacy. 
  1. Smart Home Features. It will come as no surprise that wealthy homeowners have kitted out their homes to be integrated with all the latest smart-tech, and the bedroom is no different. With color-changing lights, integrated speakers, and adjustable thermostats, there’s nothing they can’t control from their smartphone. 
  1. Indoor Plants. It may not seem as obvious as the last few design ideas, but indoor greenery is sweeping the nation. It’s hard to find a luxury home that doesn’t feature some small bush or potted plant on display. In the bedroom, the greenery offsets the fainter colors of the room really well, adding some liveliness to the room. 

While these are the 10 design trends we’ve noticed, they’re by no means the only changes that are catching fire. Interior design is ever-evolving, and so many luxury homes are on the cusp of innovation. If you have noticed any trends of your own, feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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