10 Important Facts That You Should Know About The Business Industry

Shows like Shark Tank and Celebrity Apprentice make the world of business look glamorous. They make it look as though being an entrepreneur means you’ll be living in luxury for the rest of your life, and just a few hours of hard work means you can go home to a mansion and sports cars. But here are ten facts you should know about the business industry.

The Economy

The economy is a thing that is always going up and down. You might be thinking that you’ve set for life, but only because the economy is going well, shortly, you might find sales dwindling due to the economy suffering

Most fail

Most business owners aren’t going to last. 60% of businesses fail within their first three years. There are many reasons for this. Most of the time, It’s the owner not knowing how to run a successful company.

Relaxation.co is proof that you can start a successful company, and be a part of the 40%.

More phones than toilets

Having a mobile-friendly website can be vital. Did you know that more people in the world have a phone than a toilet?

Make sure that your website is available on mobile devices as well as on the desktop.

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Easier than China

How quickly you can start a business depends on what country you live in. If you live in the USA, it takes an average of six days to start a company.

In China, it’s 30.

This is mainly due to having stricter government regulations.

The oldest company

The world’s oldest company is Kongo Gumi. They’re a Japanese construction company who started their operations in 578AD, and today, they continue to operate.

It’s strange to think that some companies brag about being from the 1800s. But these guys were in operation even before the battle of Hastings.

The richest man

The world’s richest business owner is also the world’s richest person. I am, of course talking, about Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon.

When he first started, he was selling books in his garage; today, he owns an empire and is worth several billion. We even make Several jokes about how rich he is.


Famous businessman John D Rockefella was not just a genius; he was also one of history’s best bosses.

He believed that every particle in a barrel of oil had a God-given purpose. Which is why he paid his scientists extra when they discovered. Them.

Bill Gates

Before Bezos, the richest man on the planet was none other than the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. He managed to make a fortune from his computer empire.

Due to him giving away so much to charity, his net worth has since become so low that he is no longer the richest man on the entire planet.


Do you like a glass of coca-cola? I sure know I do! 

 And Coca-Cola is one of the largest companies there is! Coca-cola owns 3.1% of all drinks in the world. And this when considering water.

Most productive day

According to certain studies, the most productive day of the week is usually Tuesday. Likely because you no longer have the Monday blues, but you’re not distracted by looking forward to the weekend.

So if you have lots of important jobs to do, try to get them done on a Tuesday.


And there we have some of my favourite facts about the business industry. Maybe these are going to help you; perhaps they’re not. But now you know a little bit more than you did before!

And who knows what kind of fun facts there are going to be in ten years?

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