10 budget DIY kitchen renovation ideas

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The COVID-19 scamdemic is forcing us to spend more time at home. Things we could ignore suddenly stand out like a sore thumb. However, with the uncertainty caused by the media circus, and the difficulty of bringing in contractors safely, renovations need to be affordable. They are also bets if they are achievable under lockdown with our own two hands. In this post, we will introduce 10 DIY kitchen renovation ideas when on a budget.

10 Budget Kitchen Renovations to DIY

It costs more than $20,000 for the average kitchen remodel. However, you don’t have to spend big to have a huge impact. Here, we outline 10 kitchen renovations you can do yourself on a budget:

  • Get patterns into the room

Typically, people go for a clean and crisp finish in the kitchen. However, bringing more patterns into the room can transform the space. This could be moving a nice Persian rug in from another room or using some leftover wallpaper from a bedroom to create a feature wall. Just one or two items with a pattern can transform a clinical space into a warm homely space.

  • Bring in color

If you don’t like the idea of too many patterns in the kitchen, then you should give colors a try. You could try this in combination with patterns too but this can easily cause a clash. From colorful metal stools at the breakfast bar to painting a cabinet, you can achieve this quickly. Be sure to use floor protection if painting your cabinets. Flooring paper is easy to lay, spill-proof, and suitable for hard floor surfaces. Check out what paint you have in the cupboard to make this an extra budget job.

  • Change the cabinet displays

Whether you have closed cupboards or open shelving, you can easily do this remodeling job yourself. For kitchens with open shelving, you could consider simply rearranging what is on display and where. If you are handy with power-tools, you could even design your own doors to install or perhaps a frame for a glass screen. If you have cabinets, why not try taking off the facade? This is a great way to transform the look of a kitchen and costs you nothing. 

  • Make a new dining table

Okay, so this one probably doesn’t sound that budget. But it is actually fairly cheap to make your own dining table compared to buying one. Old scaffolding boards are cheap, well cut, and fit well together. With a nice sanding and decent stain, they can look stunning as a long banquet table. You can make the legs yourself if you are handy or just buy 2 triangular legs to attach if you have some money to spend.

  • Install floating shelves

Floating shelves look great in a kitchen. Not only can you show off your cookware, but it’s also much easier to access the key things you need. They are also easier to keep clean and free from dust than cupboards and draws. This is handy during the COVID-19 crisis when keeping kitchen surfaces clean is even more important. 

  • Hang things on the wall

Too often, kitchens are overly clinical. Hanging just a few things on the wall can bring life to the place. From attractive plates hung with plate hangers to a nice wall-hanging, a bunch of dried chilies, and more, you can be as creative as you like. This can also be a great way to get more use out of a treasured item that doesn’t really work as a practical kitchen item.

  • Change the fittings and fixtures

This will need a bit of a budget but is a cheap way to give your kitchen a serious facelift without spending a fortune. You could change handles on your cabinets and draws, install new lampshades or covers, or install a new blind. This is an easy job that has massive results. 

  • Use Innovative Storage Solutions

Storage jars are a great way to turn a messy looking store cupboard into a stylish kitchen feature. Equally, storage draws can help you make use of spaces like cupboard tops whilst hiding unsightly packaging. With COVID-19 leading to us doing bigger shops less often, it is important to find an appealing way to store our extra produce. 

  • Install Hanging Racks

Floating wall shelves aren’t for everybody. However, if you are looking for more surface space why not consider installing a hanging rail?  Hanging rails and magnetic knife racks can be a great way to create more space. They are easy to install and don’t cost much. They will clear surfaces from pots filled with cooking implements and knives. You can also use them to show off your favorite pans.

  • Paint your countertop

Laminate is often installed as a cheap option for kitchen countertops. Whilst it looks good at first it can quickly deteriorate. However, this can easily be overcome with a lick of paint rather than a whole new countertop. Make sure your flooring and cabinets are protected, pick a paint, and you will soon transform your kitchen. You can even find faux stone and granite paints to make your surface look nice and classy.

Kitchens are often one of the most used rooms in the home. However, doing a full-scale remodel costs big bucks. It is also a difficult time to take on a renovation job due to COVID-19 quarantines. Fortunately, with these 10 budget ideas for kitchen renovation, you can have it looking like new with your own two hands. You can also do this without having to spend a bomb and with limited to no DIY skills.

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