10 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Christmas time is rolling around again and you probably have a few little ones to buy presents for. Sometimes these might not be your own kids so that makes it a little more difficult to figure out what to get them. Everyone just isn’t great at handling the holiday shopping pressure.

No need to worry, if you’re buying for a boy there are plenty of options that they’ll love. Keep reading to find out 10 awesome Christmas gift basket ideas for boys to help you get a head start on wrapping up your holiday shopping. 

1. Play Tool Kits

Lots of little guys love to build things with their hands. Some of them are inspired by watching their fathers head to the tool shed and get to their hands dirty at their own work stations. This is why play tool kits are one of the best Christmas gift ideas for boys. 

Most of the kits come equipped with fake hammers, nails, wrenches and everything else that they need to build directly from their imagination. If you want to upgrade the gift, consider purchasing the actual workstation for them as well. 

This can also come in the form of mechanic and car work too.

2. Rocket Launchers 

Kids like to watch things fly to the sky. Rocket launchers are great Christmas gift ideas for boys because this is exactly what they’re made for. Most of the kits are made with soft material (for when the rockets actually come back down) and include a stand and pump to shoot the rockets in the air. 

Something this simple can keep children’s attention for hours on end and is a great way to expose them to certain elements of science. 

3. Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are a long-time favorite of many children. Although some parents are wary of letting their kids play with toys in the form of weapons, these play firearms often get a pass for being designed in a child-friendly way. They shoot out soft darts, discs and foam balls and are often brightly colored.

They also don’t hurt, which is a great substitution for paintball guns, and can be played with safely indoors. 

4. Sports Equipment/Gear

If you’re looking for cool Christmas gift ideas for boys then head down the sports aisle or to the sports section of the website (for the online shoppers). There you’ll find tons of athletic gear and equipment. Whether he’s into basketball, soccer, football or just wants to ride a bike, there will be lots of things you can buy for each sport.

Consider a basketball and an at-home hoop. Maybe some kneepads and a face mask for the hockey player. Figure out what the child is interested in and buy some necessary items for them.

5. Video Games

In the age of technology, you won’t get far without seeing a child that isn’t into videogames. There are lots of game systems to choose from and even more games for each of those consoles. 

Ask what type of video games the child is into and possibly get a new one for them that is in the same category. Some more cool Christmas gift ideas for boys in the world of games would be tools that they need to play like controllers and headsets. There are even specially made gamer chairs these days so the possibilities are endless. 

6. Slot Car Sets

There’s no getting through a list of the most awesome Christmas gift ideas for boys without mentioning slot car sets. Toy cars have been a must-have item for tiny car enthusiasts for decades. They’ve evolved a lot over the years and have even added some kid-favorite characters into the mix.

This is a timeless present for any little boy that loves a good car race. You can easily find sets with race tracks and other perks like miniature car washes and mechanic stations included. 

7. Skates/Skateboards

Skates and skateboards are great gifts for boys because they serve a variety of purposes. For instance, skaters and skateboarders have a culture and community within themselves that helps to connect them to each other using the sports equipment. 

Also, they are a convenient mode of transportation for children to get around. While some people have added hoverboards into their lives, skates and skateboards are still highly sought after items. 

8. Electronics

You can’t really go wrong with buying electronics as gifts in today’s world. Things like phones, tablets, and BlueTooth headphones make for good Christmas gift ideas for boys that are into technology or just the average modern kid. 

Try finding multipurpose items, such as kid laptops that can be used for educational games and activities. If you’re buying electronics for someone else’s child, be sure to ask the parent about any restrictions on technology that they may have for their little ones before purchasing.

9. Wrestling Figures

Wrestling figures are very cool gifts for little boys that love to roughhouse and tussle. Even if they aren’t familiar with watching the events on television, they’ll definitely appreciate being able to bring a match to their own living room.

You can also buy wrestling rings, belts, masks and costumes to really give them the full experience. 

10. Board Games

Board games are definitely one of the safest go-to Christmas gift ideas for boys because they are universal. Most children love to play games with their friends and family so these will typically be useful. 

Introduce the child to some vintage games like Twister, Monopoly or Checkers and show them how to play as an addition to the gift. These are presents that the whole family will love.

Looking for Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys?

There’s no need to bang your head against the table trying to figure out some good Christmas gift ideas for boys this year. Simply take some suggestions listed above and get your shopping out the way in no time.

Remember it’s the thought that counts!

For more holiday tips and advice for the season, check out the lifestyle section of our blog. 

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