World’s Most Expensive Prosecco By Casanova

Luxurious and delicious, the most expensive Prosecco in the world was created by a company named Casanova, and it is available as part of a limited edition named “Swarovski Edition.” Available in a variety of sizes, including 1.5cl magnum bottles, this product oozes opulence from each pore, and it comes with a rather intimidating price tag of $1,620 for a 0.2 oz bottle.

World's Most Expensive Prosecco By Casanova

Furthermore, it looks like Casanova has decided to patent the rights to apply Swarovski adornments to any sparkling wine bottle, and this includes Champagne. That’s definitely a bold move, and probably an expensive one, but you have to admit that these bottles look absolutely extraordinary, which means that other companies were bound to copy the idea sooner or later.

World's Most Expensive Prosecco By Casanova 2

By : 27 Jan 2017
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