The Light and Fast Palatov Motorsport dp4 Go-Kart

Highly impressive and equally expensive; this is what the Palatov Motorsport dp4 go-kart really is. You should know from the very beginning that there is no street-legal version of the ride, so this creation was only made for go-cart aficionados.

The vehicle is powered by a variety of 1.0-liter or 1.3-liter bike engines capable of delivering 145 to 200 horsepower. The buyer can also opt for high-power turbocharged units with more than 300 hp. With only 800-900 lbs, the super kart has a really impressive power-to-weight ratio.

Among other features we mention the long-arm double wishbone suspension, the pushrod-activated coil spring over strut dampers, the safe aircraft grade chromoly steel tubing, and the optional all-wheel drive.

So if you are interested in this light fury, you might know what the price tag sais. Well, the Palatov dp4 go-kart will set you back $25,910 for a DIY kit and the price can go up to $50,610 for a pre-built AWD version with 200 hp.

The Light and Fast Palatov Motorsport dp4 Go-Kart

By : 1 Nov 2010
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