Introducing the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Edition

The beautiful result of the Mercedes-Benz and McLaren joint venture continues to impress even one year after it has been discontinued.

Probably that’s why Mercedes-Benz thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ‘revive’ the coveted car in a limited edition version: the SLR McLaren Edition kit. Customization includes revised steering, and suspension, modified interior and, of course, improved aerodynamics. But you have to move quick if you want to turn your beauty in a SLR McLaren, because only 25 units will be made.

The price has not been announced yet, but don’t expect it to be a bargain. After all, they put a lot of price on exclusivity!

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Edition

By : 8 Dec 2010
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