Birthday Party Bill in Dubai: $105,000

Apparently Dubai is doing much better after a period in which lavish spenders didn’t feel comfortable buying extravagant products and services anymore. Lately, they stopped feeling feel so threatened by the global economic situation, and the number of “heavy” bills like the one in the picture has started to grow.

What this particular bill shows you is how much a certain guest at the Cavalli Club in Dubai spent for his apparently very fun party. He made sure that all his guests really enjoyed themselves by splurging $105,000 (AED 387,988) for this one very important event. This might seem like a huge sum for some people, but according to the club’s manager, such occurrences are not that isolated in Dubai.

The bill includes 13 bottles of Roederer Cristals champagne ($22,933), 4 bottles of 12-years-old Chivas Regal whisky ($1,187), a 3-liter Cavalli Vodka ($1,348), and a 6-liter Cristal champagne ($34,030), among many other things. Our comment? Happy birthday!

Birthday Party Bill in Dubai: $105,000

By : 29 Jan 2012
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