Artisan&Artist’s Crocodile Leather Case for the Leica M7 and M9

For the rich and glamorous who could afford the $14,000 Leica M7 Hermes camera or the Leica M9 for that matter, one would say that they should definitely get the matching crocodile leather case from Artisan&Artist.

Artisan&Arist have come up with an elegant and fashionable half case for your camera, made out of crocodile blue leather. The case was dyed through a natural process, thus better preserving the leather quality and the blue (indigo) color. In comparison to the prices of the Leica M7 and Leica M9 which are somewhere around $14,000 and $16,000 respectively, one could say that the case is a bargain for only $1,645. So, if you’re posh and if you’re fashionable you should accesorize your camera with the new Artisan&Artist leather crocodile case.

By : 18 Nov 2010
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