ZZ Watches And The Tornade Collection

Launched in 2013, ZZ Watches is a new Swiss watchmaking company that impresses with a stunning array of high-end timepieces. The brand’s watches are adorned with a distinguishable ZZ logo that showcases the initials of the company’s founders: an expert in technology and a devoted artist. ZZ Watches features 2 main collections at the moment named Tornade and Cyclone, but we’re going to focus a bit on the Tornade version.

The 3 watches included in the ZZ Tornade collection are absolutely incredible to say the least, not only because of their exceptional appearance, but also because they measure time in a unique and spectacular way. The 43 mm case of the Tornade comes in Gold, Steel or DLC, and it houses a complex Calibre ZZ001 movement that features a power reserve of 38 hours as well as a jumping hours complication and a continuous minute display disc. The dial is protected by a non-reflective sapphire crystal and flaunts 2 distinct circular windows as well as a honeycomb grill adornment.

The 2 circular windows are used to measure the hours and minutes separately. The hour dial is placed at 12 o’clock and is linked with the jumping hours complication, while the minute dial is placed underneath at 6 o’clock and showcases a seamless flow of minutes. Aesthetics apart, the Tornade timepiece is also quite reliable, featuring a water resistance of 328 feet. For an extra touch of lavishness, the strap of the watch was made using black alligator leather featuring different stitching for each version.

Finally yet importantly, we have to mention that each model included in the Tornade collection is limited to just 888 units. Exclusivity is always an important part of any product, particularly when it comes to luxury watches, which is why many customers are already placing orders for Tornade timepieces even though the collection wasn’t released officially just yet. According to its clients’ requirements, ZZ Watches might even opt to implement a waiting list.

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