Z-Board Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboards

With Z-Board, skateboarding has reached a new level of fun and excitement. This is a new intuitive electric skateboard that senses motion and reacts accordingly to improve your skateboarding experience. So if you lack some skills, the new Z-Boards will compensate that with their unique electronic systems that sense your intentions and help you do more than you would normally do with a classic board.

Powered by an electric motor (24 V 400 W), the skateboard comes in two versions: Classic and Pro. The first one features a battery that works on lead and acid, while the second one boasts a lithium-ion battery. This is where the differences between the two come from.

The Classic edition Z-Board takes five hours to charge and can work for 5 miles at one charge. Its battery is heavier than that of the Pro edition, and this results in a top speed of 15 mph. Its price is $499.

The Pro edition Z-Board features a much lighter and efficient battery, which gives it a range of ten miles on a single charge. Being more lightweight than the other version, this board can reach speeds of up to 17 mph. This rises its price to $749.

Both models feature a smart braking system that activates when you shift weight from the front footpad to the rear footpad. The weight-sensing electric skateboards are already available for preorder, and if you place your preorder now, you can get a $100 discount!

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