Your Home Is Your Haven: Renovations That Truly Will Increase Your Quality Of Life

Renovations can be costly as well as very stressful but the result can improve your quality of life. Having the plumbing redone or the roof replaced most likely will not do this unless there were leaks. Some renovations prevent further damage and those that appeal to buyers as well as the homeowners living in the house. Finding what you enjoy or prefer will be up to you as everyone has different tastes as well as interests. List out potential renovations with the pros and cons while keeping in mind price as well as how the renovation will impact home value. The following are renovations that not only will add value to the home but will also add to the quality of life of the homeowners.

A Hot Tub Comes In Handy In Any Climate

A pool simply is not a great idea in many locations as it cannot be used for the majority of the year. Florida is one of the exceptions as it rarely is very cold allowing people to swim for more than half the year comfortably. A hot tub is more versatile in terms of the weather it can be used in. For those people that love to exercise the hot tub can be used as a cold tub during certain times of the year. This can help with recovery and can reduce inflammation in the joints/muscles. Being able to relax in a nice warm hot tub with massaging jets during the middle of winter can be the ultimate relaxation experience until the sprint into the house has to occur.

The Kitchen Should Be Spacious With New Appliances

The kitchen being spacious can allow for multiple people to navigate the kitchen and a family to cook together without hindering the process of another. Hestia Construction and Design which can be considered by many as the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Houston notes “The kitchen has evolved into space for more than just cooking – it’s a space for hosting, entertaining, and gathering.” A kitchen with an island will have that extra counter space to prep food or to allow those at a dinner party to serve themselves.

Tearing Out Carpet And Replacing It With Another Material

Carpet is not as fashionable as it once was as the average person understands how much more maintenance than carpet takes. No matter how great you are at cleaning daily hyper kids or pets can ruin a carpet in a matter of minutes. Combine this with the fact that carpets do need to be replaced makes tile a much better option long-term. Tile can look like wood and be far more durable as wood flooring takes quite a bit of upkeep. Tile is also more affordable but stained concrete has become increasingly popular for those that might love the industrial look in a home.

Finishing The Basement To Make It A Livable Space

The basement can be an incredibly versatile space when it is finished and becomes a livable space. For flooring, consider using flooring materials that does not react to moisture as much as hardwood flooring or cement base. This is because basements are usually cold and can gather up moisture from the air contained within its space. Engineered Wooden Floors however, can serve in basement apartments, and last far longer than any other flooring material.

This can be used as a great entertainment room without filling the rest of the home with noise. A teenager can live in the basement with an added bathroom to find that privacy most teenagers long for. Too many people use their basements for storage of items that will never be used again. Selling items online is a great option to earn cash from otherwise useless items. The attic being used for storage is a much better option as most attics are not livable due to the height of the ceilings. Larger attics can become livable though by running heat/air up to the attic. Converter attics can be considered an additional bedroom as well by converting this space.  

An Addition Of A Screened In Patio

Outdoor living space can be great to relax as well as to entertain without worrying about having to clean up the house. Setting a table up can allow everyone to use paper plates which will eliminate the need to do the dishes. The screen is a necessity in many areas as mosquitos can be quite a nightmare during the warmer times of the year. A few ceiling fans can help the airflow on even the hottest of days to give you a nice comfortable place to read or even get work done on the computer. The option to enclose this patio after some time will only add to the square footage of the home with more livable space.  

Look at your home from the perspective of a potential buyer and examine how you can make current life better in the house. Renovations do cost money so establishing a saving strategy to cover these costs can allow you to have an accurate renovation schedule over a few years.

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