You Can Now Buy Unlimited Business Class Flights For A Year

As long as you have $35,000 to spare, that is. We all know that business class flights are incredibly luxurious, which is why they’re also the priciest. However, if you’re going to be traveling a lot to Paris or London in the near future, you might want to purchase a ticket from the business-class-only airline named La Compagnie.

In order to mark its second anniversary, the company is selling ten memberships for a year’s worth of unlimited flights, and it’s worth noting that the service requires you to pay up $35,000 in advance, with no possibility to put this sum on your credit card in monthly installments. Each ticket becomes available for 12 months from your first flight, which must be taken until December 15, 2017. You will be able to cancel these flights up to three hours before departure at no extra cost, and a personal concierge will be made available for you to facilitate bookings.