X Bombtrack Fixed Gear Bicycle By Adidas

When it comes to traveling across a busy city, riding a bicycle is still the healthiest and most convenient way of getting from A to B. However, if you’re going to use a bicycle for your daily trips, you might as well do it in style and choose a fixed gear 2-wheeler such as the X Bombtrack by Adidas.

Now most Bombtrack bicycles are quite extraordinary, but this particular one is even more special since it received a distinct visual treatment courtesy of Adidas. The collaboration between the 2 companies was a no-brainer really, since Adidas was already looking for a fantastic sports-related product that would complement its Street Crew bag collection.

Thus, the Adidas X Bombtrack fixed gear bicycle came to be. This is a fantastic limited edition 2-wheeler that was adorned with a neon stripe motif and multiple Adidas logos. To make things even better, Adidas painted the frame of the bicycle in 2 tones of subdued green that impress at a glance.






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