World’s Priciest Cheese Is Made Out of Donkey’s Milk

Those of you who know a thing or two about cheese are probably well aware that donkey’s milk cheese is one of the rarest and most expensive dairy products in the world. In fact, this particular type of cheese, Pule Cheese, is made on a Serbian farm and boasts a price tag of $1,000 per pound, which makes it the world’s most expensive.

The milk is sourced from a herd of Balkan donkeys that live on a farm in the Zasavica Special Nature Preserve. The cheese’s price tag is justified by the fact that donkeys give very little milk at a time, which is why they need to be milked three times a day by hand. Furthermore, these donkeys are an endangered species, which makes the cheese even more exclusive and sought-after. Hopefully, as the dairy product gains popularity, the population of Balkan donkeys will increase. Pule Cheese is white and crumbly, and it has an intense flavor as well as a natural saltiness. Donkey’s milk is known for its immune-strengthening properties, particularly for babies, and it is also used in various beauty products and treatments.


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