The World’s Priciest Aged Chocolate Looks Delicious

Fine chocolates are expensive by definition, but what exactly makes Aged To’ak chocolate so special that it commands a price tag of $270 for a 50-gram bar? Well, the fact that it’s created from the rarest and oldest Nacional cacao probably has something to do with it. It was made in Ecuador using a mix of cacao and cane sugar, and it was aged in a Spanish elm wooden box. Its main compounds, namely tannins and other polyphenols go through an altering process at a chemical level thanks to oxidation, and this results in an incredibly intense flavor.

The World's Priciest Aged Chocolate Looks Delicious 1

The chocolate is “halal” certified, and it boasts three versions named first edition, light, and dark. Limited to just 250 bars of 50 grams each, each chocolate is presented in a hand-crafted Spanish Elm wood box, and it is accompanied by a pair of hand-made tasting utensils.

The World's Priciest Aged Chocolate Looks Delicious 2

Making Mini Chocolate Bars

Making chocolate bars for the backers of our recent crowdfunding campaign.

Posted by To'ak Chocolate on Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

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