World’s Most Expensive Star Wars Toy Costs $34,000

Star Wars is an incredibly popular franchise, and as such, items that depict its main characters are sometimes sold for enormous amounts of cash. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars, and a very good example comes in the form of this Boba Fett figurine, which never actually went into official production because it has a projectile rocket on its back that could injure children.

World's Most Expensive Star Wars Toy Costs $34,000 (2)

Going into specifics, we can tell you that one of these toys managed to set a new record for the most expensive Star Wars merchandise, as it was sold at auction for no less than $34,000. Admittedly, that’s a lot of money to pay on a “mere” toy, but considering its exclusivity and heritage, it’s probably well worth the price.

World's Most Expensive Star Wars Toy Costs $34,000 (1)

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