World’s Most Expensive Soup to Be Sold for Charity

The most expensive soup in the world will be auctioned off today at Tiato, the famous Vietnamese Café in Santa Monica. This particular Pho (a Vietnamese beef and rice noodle soup) has received a special gastronomic upgrade and is worth at least $5,000. Proceeds will go to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Traditional Pho soup is made of beef and rice noodles among other ingredients, but this one will leave tradition behind and embrace luxury: the AnQi Pho contains A5 Wagyu beef in a foie gras broth, white alba truffles, hand raised bean sprouts and a special kind of noodles: made of blue lobster meat.

After the charity event, the Vietnamese delicacy will become a permanent course on the menu at Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills. Here too the soup will be sold to benefit the Children’s Hospital. Both Tiato and Crustacean are owned by the House of Ann.

Worlds Most Expensive Soup to Be Sold for Charity

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