World’s Most Expensive Ice-Cream Scoop Costs $816

Dubai is widely recognized as a hub for the world’s most expensive products, whether we’re talking about jewelry, cars or food. Speaking of gastronomy, the world’s most expensive ice-cream sundae can be enjoyed at the Scoopi Café in Dubai, and it is named Black Diamond. This heavenly sweet treat retails at $816 per scoop, and it was created by the cafe’s founder in five weeks. The ingredients required for it were flown in from all over the world, as the creator wanted the recipe to be just right.

World's Most Expensive Ice-Cream Scoop Costs $816

The ingredients include Madagascar vanilla ice cream, black Italian truffle slices and Iranian saffron. The mix is adorned with 23-carat edible gold sprinkles, which surely have something to do with the enormous price tag. As an added bonus, the Versace bowl in which the ice cream is served as well as the spoon that is used to savor it both remain in the client’s possession.

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