World’s Most Expensive Halloween Suit by Morphsuit

With Halloween just around the corner, many different companies are racing to launch their own unique, flashy and spooky costumes, but a company named Morphsuit went one step beyond by creating the world’s most expensive Halloween costume, which is worth no less than $1 million.

This move was made as a response to recent customer requests regarding a “flashier” costume, and so Morphsuit used a gray spandex base that was adorned with 20,000 glittering diamonds. Dubbed “Morph-a-million”, the product was described as the “Mercedes-Benz of Morphsuits”, and it will definitely allow its owner to stand out in a crowd should it be worn at a festive event. Despite its looks, the suit is very breathable, comfortable and easy to see through, which makes it perfect for Halloween.

This million-dollar madness will be retailed alongside regular Morphsuits products, and even though it is undoubtedly the most expensive of its kind, something tells us that it will definitely find a buyer in the near future.

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