World’s Most Expensive Corkscrew Costs $62,790

How much would you be willing to spend on a corkscrew? Probably not $62,790. However, we’re not talking about any regular corkscrew here, and no, it’s not made out of gold or platinum and it doesn’t even feature any extravagant adornments. The most expensive corkscrew in the world was put under the hammer at Reeman Dansie Auctioneers and was purchased by a European collector for the aforementioned sum.

The price is justified by the corkscrew’s heritage, as it is a part of the old London Bridge that was demolished back in 1831. After the demolition, a surviving fragment of the bridge was transformed into a corkscrew and was engraved with the following words: “Made from the iron shoe that was taken from a pillar that was 656 years in the foundation of Old London Bridge.” Some of the fragments used in its creation are believed to be 8 centuries old.


[Via – ITV]

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