World’s Most Expensive Casino Disk: $450,000

Luxury and casinos is a match made in heaven. If you are looking for something fabulous and out of regular people’s reach, a casino is the first place to start your search. Coming to support this theory is the world’s most expensive casino chip, created by diamond designer Gerry Lewy.

With 53 years of diamond setting experience, Lewy decorated a 22 karat pink gold chip with 64 VS Pink diamonds, each of which needed approximately five weeks to make it onto the one-off piece. The side of the chip features 17 VS, E-F quality diamonds, each weighing 1.00 carat.

The estimated value of the beautiful piece is $450,000, which makes it the rightful owner of a Guinness World Records certificate for the world’s most valuable casino chip. While interested customers can buy it exactly as it is, the master jeweler also offers the possibility to customize it with other luxury gems. Lewy also mentioned that the delivery time for the prohibitively expensive chip is approximately five weeks.

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