World’s Largest Luxury Yacht – $1 Billion

Dubai is like the capital of wealth and sheer luxury. There you find the most famous and luxurious hotel, the richest men in the world, the biggest personal yacht ever made…oops, no, wait! The biggest yacht used to belong to the ruler of Dubai, but things have changed since then!

Eclipse is the name of Roman Abramovich’s latest significant acquisition. It is a 557 ft long luxury yacht, 36 ft longer than Dubai, the former largest private yacht. Not only that it is big, but it has all the amenities one could dream of and more! Eleven guest cabins with 6 ft home cinema screens each, two swimming pools (the larger of which can be turned into a dance floor when the water is drained out), a disco hall and even two helicopter pads.

You can enjoy the party there without worrying about paparazzi, as the boat has got a special electronic “shield” to take care of the matter. Then there is a maximum security system which includes a missile detector and the bullet proof glass for the master suite.

If the fun on board is not enough for the guests, they can also take the yacht’s three launch boats or the mini submarine to explore the waters around. You can see now why it cost about $1.2 billion.

Well, this is what we call luxury! Russian-Jewish businessman Roman Abramovich has just shown the world that any record can be broken.

Roman Abramovich Eclipse Mega-Yacht
Roman Abramovich Eclipse Mega-Yacht