World’s First Carbon Fiber Luxury RV Costs $770,000

When we think of caravans, most of us are envisioning ugly and uncomfortable trailers that are nowhere near as sturdy or as reliable as they should be, mainly because the majority of them are made out of fiberglass. However, when we’re talking about luxury RVs, things reach a completely new level, especially when it comes to an RV that was made completely out of carbon fiber.

The world’s first carbon fiber luxury RV was made by a company called Global Caravan Technologies, and we have to admit that they did a fantastic job. This 35-foot long caravan is dubbed CR-1 and flaunts a monocoque chassis that was put together using a large piece of carbon fiber – a very sturdy yet lightweight material that is used often in the manufacturing process of supercars. However, using such a high-end material meant that the end product would be nowhere near cheap, and so it ended up costing no less than $770,000.

Now keep in mind that for this admittedly exorbitant sum of money, you’d get live like a king while being on the road. The CR-1 comes with its own solar power system of 700 watts and boasts an integrated generator, which means that running out of power is never an option. Other highlights involve run-flat tires, a walk-in master bathroom, full-height closets, adjustable privacy glass and the possibility to control the whole thing using your Android, Apple or Windows-based smartphone.






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