World’s Most Expensive Soap Costs $3,800

It’s definitely no surprise that some of the “most expensive” products are usually in the United Arab Emirates, whether we’re talking about cars, homes or even appliances, but this time we’re going to tell you a bit about the world’s most expensive soap, which is worth no less than $3,800. Now you might be wondering how such an ordinary day-to-day commodity can possibly be worth all that money, and as it is the case with most of these expensive things, it all comes down to some diamonds embedded in the product.

The world’s most expensive soap was unveiled recently at the Doha Exhibition Centre in Qatar during the Qatar Pool and Spa 2013 event, and it was created by Khan Al-Saboun Bader Hassoun and Sons honoring the Arab state of Qatar and its incredible achievements. Dubbed the “Qatar Royal Soap”, this lavish product comes with a “Qatar” inscription on its surface, and it was made using olive oil, virgin honey, pure gold dust and, of course, diamonds. As a one-off piece, the Royal Soap has no commercial purposes, and it was made purely as a symbol for a thriving nation. We have no details regarding the soap’s smell or other properties, but it is apparently quite gentle on the skin. For such a price, it better be!