World’s Most Expensive Mince Pie: $4,700

Mince pie is not your favorite? What if it was made with holy water from Lourdes and sperm whale secretions? Not impressed yet? Ok, what if it contained a platinum coin and was dressed in high-grade platinum leaf? Still not interested? Well, we can’t blame you, but maybe this last piece of information will change your mind: it is worth £3,000 (approx. $4,700), and all the money from the sale will be donated to the Chigwell Riding Trust, the world’s first riding center for people with special needs.

Containing only the most refined ingredients and made after a traditional recipe from the 1600s, the tiny and very precious pie was designed by food designer Andrew Stellitano. As a final touch, its crust was burnt with laser beams to form a delicate design. The world’s most expensive pie is currently in display at the Exchange shopping mall in Ilfor, UK, where it will stay until December 19. Visitors can get tickets that will entitle them to participate in a contest to win the pie.World’s Most Expensive Mince Pie $4,700 (1)

World’s Most Expensive Mince Pie $4,700 (2)


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