Winsomere Crescent Residence by Dorrington Architects

Dorrington Architects were commissioned to renovate this lovely home in Auckland, New Zealand. Much of the original construction was kept the same, but a few key changes were made to ensure more natural light to the interior spaces and also enhance the waterfront views.

The owners of Winsomere Crescent really liked the traditional feel of the sturdy original house, so they opted for an upgrade instead of a completely new construction. The result was an interesting mix of old and new structures with two existing and two freshly added blocks connected by the stairs, foyer and hallway.

The old part of the house with brick cladding holds two bedrooms as well as a very nice art deco bathroom and an office. The living areas are housed in a new zinc-clad structure, while the master suite can be found in another new block with cedar screening. The lower level holds a media room, bathroom, laundry and guest bedroom.