Will Prince William Ask His Fiancé to Sign a Prenup?

Will Prince William Ask His Fiancé to Sign a Prenup

It’s true that money can’t buy love, but when love is over, money usually becomes an extremely important matter. That’s why marriage is a very serious financial issue for rich people. They can loose half of their wealth in case of an ugly divorce. That means that if Prince William would one day decide he wants to divorce his wife, Kate Middleton could actually end up receiving half of the royal fortune! And right now that is estimated at some $450 million.

Now we hope nothing will ever go wrong in the young royal couple, but people always have to ask themselves “What if…?”. Specialists on the matter say that Prince William should have his lovely fiancé sign a prenup, just in case. Even more, some of them insist that the document should also contain some very important privacy and confidentiality clauses.

Almost all the other employees of the Royal Family have to sign confidentiality agreements, so barrister James Stewart asks “why shouldn’t somebody in Kate Middleton’s position be subject to similar requirements?”. Now we really wonder how the beautiful Kate Middleton will respond to all this. But we will probably never find out; that would be too…confidential.Will Prince William Ask His Fiancé to Sign a Prenup