Why Sustainable Fashion is Inevitable

In order to be progressive in the fashion industry, one must become sustainable. Fashion icons like Helen Lee Schifter have transformed their fashion identities into something much more earth-friendly. This is ideal because with climate change being a prominent social issue, fast fashion will soon fall off anyone’s radar. 

When the world is fighting climate change, many companies have t0 be quick to react. Luxury companies like Louis Vuitton and Gucci are now starting incentives that are more sustainable. These luxury companies don’t want to lose clients just because they aren’t;t sustainable. With how the world’s social demand for climate change grows, all companies will soon have to be ethical and sustainable. This is a paramount issue for most cheap, fast fashion clothing stores. In order to maintain their low prices, they have to create clothing lines that are sustainable in a cheap way. It’s inevitable that sustainable clothing will be dominating fashion culture in the next ten years, according to Helen Lee Schifter. These major fashion industries need to be more adaptive in order to stay in business.

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