Why FR Shirts?

The full form of FR is flame resistant or fire-resistant. From here we can clearly get an idea that the product is something which resists fire. So FR shirts are those kinds of shirts which are specially designed to protect wearers from flames and thermal exposures.

Let’s have a glance about FR shirts and its importance:

Working Principle:

Actually, the fact is there is no such outfit which does not catch fire. The speciality of the FR shirts is that it not only prevents ignition but also self-extinguishes the fire once the source of ignition is removed. It means that the outfit’s flame-resisting property assures that it will resist fire, and if by chance it catches fire, it will stop burning when the source of fire is removed.

If an FR shirt comes in direct contact with flame, flash fire, combustion dust explosion or arc fire, it may catch fire, but after removal of the source, the FR magic happens. So FR clothes are not fire-proof but fire-resistant and self-extinguisher.


FR shirts have become an important demand in working sectors. Normal cotton fabrics or nylon fabrics are highly inflammable substances. They catch fire quickly. Regardless, such types of wear must have some special features that make it different from cotton, nylons and wools. They are:

Good extinguisher and resistor:

FR shirts are very good extinguishers. Whenever fire catches its fabric, it self-extinguishes the fire. Apart from that, the shirts are a good resistor of fire ignition.

  • High melting point:

The fabric of these shirts has a high melting point which gives the advantage that the shirt will not melt easily onto the skin at high temperature.

  • A Bad conductor of electricity:

The conduction of electricity through the fabric of FR shirts is bad. This helps various electricians to do electric works wearing these shirts.

  • Good insulator:

FR shirts are also a good thermal insulator. It protects the body from skin problems due to exposure in high temperatures.

  • Saviour of the body:

These shirts save the body by reducing burn injuries and increases chances of survival.

The Necessity of FR shirts:

Being a qualified garment, FR shirt must have important necessities among people. They are:

  • Nowadays, FR shirts have brought a sigh of relief among workers whose profession is connected to fire because we all know that fire is a dangerous substance, and anything can happen anytime. So precautions must be taken for the safety and health of employees, and FR shirts can solve this.
  • Reinforcement of safety culture is also a necessary thing to be provided. When workers see that their company is showing awareness in their physical well-being, automatically it enhances awareness of safety culture and workers can also reliably work.
  • Curtails cost of injuries even saves people from attaining serious burn injuries.
  • Helps to avoid OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) fines.

Latest Trends:

FR clothes were invented many years ago, and from that time onwards it has undergone various innovations and improvements. The latest trends are:

  • Better Comfort: New technologies have enhanced the comfort level of FR shirts. Nowadays, light-weight fabrics, vented styles and moisture-wicking features are found.
  • Women’s wear: Specially designed clothes are made and launched in the market for women so that they fit with their body well and provides more comfort while working.
  • Enhanced Quality: Trusted manufacturers manufacture good, durable and qualified outfits and guarantees flame resistance.


Knowing about FR shirts, we can surely conclude that these clothes are one of the most necessary and important essentials for workers who work in boilers and furnaces or firemen or electricians or technicians.