Whiskey Bullets Beverage Chillers

A glass of fine whiskey is always better served chilled, but not everyone is willing to make a compromise by adding ice to such a distinguished beverage. If you don’t want to dilute your favorite spirits, whether we’re talking about whiskey, vodka or rum, you’re going to need a set of good chillers such as the Whiskey Bullets.

Whiskey Bullets Beverage Chillers (6)

These bullet-shaped chillers are made out of stainless steel and are designed to sink to the bottom of your glass without damaging it. The bullets are very easy to clean up and modify the temperature of your drink without spoiling its flavor in any way. A set of six whiskey bullets retails for just $44 and can be purchased from the SipDark online store. A perfect gift for a whiskey lover, wouldn’t you agree?

Whiskey Bullets Beverage Chillers (4)

Whiskey Bullets Beverage Chillers (5)

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