What You Should Know About Pink Diamonds

We’re all very familiar with diamonds – the brilliant, sparkling clear gemstones that sit proudly in wedding and engagement rings – but few seem to be aware of its rarer, but no less beautiful, sibling, the pink diamond. Also called Argyle pink diamonds, these gemstones are mined only in the Kimberly region of Australia in Western Australia’s north. It is here at the Argyle Diamond Mine where an impressive 90% of the world’s pink diamonds are found, which then make their way to consumers as loose diamonds as well as set into beautiful jewellery. In this article we take a closer look at these beautiful and rare gemstones to give you a much better idea of what makes them so special. 

What sets pink diamonds apart

When you’re looking for a pink diamond ring for sale, there are a few handy things you should know that can help you make your decision. First, and perhaps most importantly, the mine in Australia’s Kimberly region is set to shut down in 2020 as it has become exhaustion, so unlike the many diamond mines of South Africa, pink diamonds – as something that is already quite rare – is set to become much rarer. Although formed in much the same manner, pink diamonds are set apart from regular diamonds by their colour – this is graded and valued according to the industry recognised ‘Four Cs’ method, which includes the following grading steps: colour, clarity, carat weight and the cut. When white diamonds are graded, the process is usually fairly consistent, but the exceptional nature of pink diamonds relies far more on the colour grading, where hue and intensity are closely surveyed. In this case, the deeper the intensity of the pink, the rarer and more valuable the diamond becomes. By this standard, a red diamond is the most prized diamond of all in this class. 

Investing in pink diamonds

It is primarily due to the rarity of these diamonds and the closure of the mine that pink diamonds are set to become an important investment in the near future. Before the opening of Australia’s Argyle Mine in 1979, pink diamonds of intense colour saturation had only been previously found in mines located in Brazil and African mines. The opening of the Australian mine opened the doors to diamonds of incredible colour saturation, but even then, these diamonds represented a very small percentage of total diamonds mined – a paltry 0.1%. With 90% of the world’s pink diamond found here, you should be able to get an idea of how rare these gemstones are, and it is due to this rarity that they are steadily increasing in value over time. Investing in these diamonds is not an easy process for those new to diamonds, however – buying the wrong shade of pink, or a pink diamond that also includes shades of other colours can land with a gemstone that is worth a lot less than you think it is. For this reason, don’t feel too pressured to run in and buy when you think you’ve found a good deal.  

Choosing your pink diamond

There’s a reason why pink diamonds are so prized – incredible colour saturation and rarity make these gems a purchase you won’t soon regret. To ensure you get the right kind of diamond, it’s always important to do your research, as jewellery collectors and investors will likely be after a different gemstone than someone looking to purchase an engagement ring.

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