What You Should Know About Blood Pressure

You should know that blood pressure is something you should be concerned about, but what exactly is it? In simple terms, blood pressure relates to the pressure of blood as it is pumped around the body by the heart. The pressure is highly variable, and will constantly adjust to meet the changing needs of your body, such as the position of your body and changing states of breathing, emotions, exercise and sleep. We know about high blood pressure being a bad thing, and there’s a good reason for this – high blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to very serious physical issues such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure or kidney disease. There’s a lot more to blood pressure, though – in this article, we take a look at blood pressure basics to help you better monitor your own. 

Measuring and variations in blood pressure

Measuring your blood pressure is relatively simple with the right tools, such as an Omron blood pressure monitor, and simply requires the wrapping of an inflatable pressure cuff around your upper arm. You may have noticed when your blood pressure has been measured that the reading was recorded as two numbers. The larger number in this case indicates pressure in the arteries as the heart pumps out blood during each beat, while the lower number indicates the pressure as the heart relaxes before the next beat. As mentioned previously, your blood pressure will change to meet the needs of your body. If you have a particularly high reading, such as 140/90, your doctor may need to measure your blood pressure again several times to ensure the level is correct. If it is found to be correct, your doctor will suggest some changes to your lifestyle to help your blood pressure to fall. These suggestions might include reducing unhealthy food-related habits, losing weight, quitting smoking and better managing symptoms. If you experience multiple examples of these detrimental lifestyle examples, it should be high on your priority list to manage them in order to not develop significantly high blood pressure.

Understanding blood pressure readings

If your blood pressure varies to some degree to someone else’s, you shouldn’t worry too much. Healthy blood pressure will depend entirely on the person – your doctor will be the one to tell you if it is bad or not. It’s often most important to remember to get your blood pressure checked regularly. Even if your blood pressure is in the healthy range and you have no other risk factors in relation to your heart, getting your blood pressure checked regularly can help quickly weed out any surprise issues. In instances where your blood pressure is in the high/normal range or if you have a family history of heart conditions or stroke, you’ll need to visit your doctor much more regularly. This will ensure you can quickly weed out any issues relating to blood pressure before something more severe occurs.  

Get checked out today

It’s important to remember that high blood pressure does not demonstrate obvious symptoms in sufferers. In fact, people with high blood pressure can feel completely normal, so if this is why you’ve been putting off getting your blood pressure checked, now is the time to see your doctor. At the end of the day, they’re the only ones who can give you an accurate understanding of your blood pressure. You can help yourself by eating well and exercising regularly, positive lifestyle changes that are sure to keep your blood pressure in check. 

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