What You Can Do With Your Old Cars

Young Mechanic in his old junk car

If you have a vehicle you no longer need, then you may be pondering several ways to get it off your hands, including selling it to refurbishing. We will take you through some of the five things you can do with your old car.

1. Sell for Parts

If your car has already “bitten the dust,” you might want to consider selling some useful parts which still work. Sell parts like your engine block, gear shaft, tires, and the seat at a reasonably decent amount.

Furthermore, you may catch the attention of car enthusiasts who would be interested in owning it as a collector item. Depending on the brand, you may easily make a few hundred to thousand bucks. There are plenty of online retailers and facilities who can dismantle and purchase your car parts for you. That way, you won’t have to worry about gushing oil or leaking fuel when you try to remove things your way.

2. Sell as Scrap Metal

Aside from selling the useful parts of your car, the leftover components can be sold to junkyards as scrap metal. Sure, it’s not easy seeing your very own car getting towed away to some local salvage yard to be stripped away piece by piece. Selling the chassis as scrap is an excellent way to earn money and unburden clutter from your garage.

3. Restore It

This is the bread and butter of gearheads and restorers alike. If you have free time and, of course the finances, you can consider restoring your car one last time. After this, you can sell it and make more than you would if unrepaired, or keep it as your toy.

It doesn’t take much to learn how to restore your car. Platforms like Google and YouTube offer insightful tutorials and commentaries from other like-minded people. You’ll also need to scout for parts and paints to assemble your vehicle. The main focus is to get your car purring again, assuming that the damage is reversible. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for buying functional second-hand parts. And, if repairs get a bit too difficult, you can consider the services of a repair shop. However, pay caution when dealing with auto repair shops.

4. Use It as Decor

Some creatives love to showcase their sense of style by turning old junk into fashionable, eye-catching masterpieces. A sophisticated way of utilizing an old car is to turn it into interior decoration with some DIY home projects.

  • Seats – You can convert the trunk or hood sections of your car into a stylish sofa by using the framework and installing cushions in the spaces.
  • Lighting – Your car lights and blinkers can be used for a personalized home light source or garden lights.
  • Chairs – Car seats can be turned into cool outdoor chairs. Depending on the material, you can opt to keep the leather seats indoors and convert them into a sofa with bolts.
  • Tables – Ever seen how aviators turn plane engines into tables? Well, it’s a good concept only that it would be cumbersome. You can use your car rims and attach glass panels on one side to create a table.

5. Trade-In

If you’re interested in purchasing a new car, you can trade-in your old one and save the extra cost. Just like iPhones, there are a few car dealerships who would be interested in swapping your outdated car model for a newer one (and of course, with some money on top).

The amount of money you’ll pay during a trade-in transaction depends on the condition and brand of your car. By trading in your old car, you slash down on the price of the vehicle you want to purchase, plus you get rid of your car with having to sell it yourself.

In Summary

Getting rid of an old car can be a confusing process. With our list of five ideal things to do with your old vehicle, you can alleviate the clutter of keeping a rundown car.

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